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London Based Psychic Medium Offering:

Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings // Reiki & Crystal Healing // Space Clearing // Psychic Training

Tarot Readings


Mediumship readings- from this world and the spiritual world

Mediumship is the communication between this world and the spirit world. Mediumship readings can be given in conjunction with Tarot card readings  or on their own


For Reiki, crystal and spiritual healing
As A Reiki Master, Teacher And Crystal Healer.

I can help with reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma – respiratory problems, PMT, sinus, anxiety etc.

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Space Clearing

space clearing 2

If you find that your home, premises or a particular room make’s you feel depressed or agitated then there might be negative energy, left behind from a previous event or trauma – which you absorb every time you go in there. Space clearing can remove this energy and restore the balance back.

More info on space clearing

What People Are Saying About Me

Paresh was very good , enjoyed my self and was spot on.

Thank you

Session went well, very informative. Felt quite relaxed. Appreciated the connection with my grandparents. I would come back again
Paresh has a very gentle plus calm energy and I found his reading insightful and really helpful. He took so much time- very giving and naturing. Thank you
It being my first ever reading, I felt very comfortable and emotional, but relaxed with what I was being told.

Thank you

It being my first ever reading, I felt very comfortable and emotional, but relaxed with what I was being told.

Thank you

An amazing experience! Interesting reading. Very much recommended
Amazing reading. Many aspects about my past was spot on, looking forward to my future
The reading was very accurate as far as past, present and future situations are concerned.
The explanations and communications of the entire reading process was also very effective. Will look forward to visiting again, when I am back in town, the next time

Thank you!

Thank you for giving me a quick and straight reading. The reading was very accurate. Thank you, will consider in the future