Image of GhostMany confuse ghosts and spirits as being in the same. This could be due to the fact, they both have similar traits, but with subtle differences.

What are ghosts? (also know as spectres, phantoms, spooks).

This is an imprint that is left behind due some “event”; that has occurred for a variety of reasons including:

  • Reenactment of war, e.g., battles, armed conflicts.
  • Transport vehicles passing through at high speed, e.g., trains, horse-drawn carriages, automobiles
  • People or animals appearing and disappearing (quickly), e.g., the headless horseman, the lady with the lamp.

When a ghost appears it is similar to watching a movie in a cinema, i.e., the movie appears at certain times and for a given duration. Once the movie is over, it will repeat itself at the next showing.
Ghosts normally:

  • Appear approximately at the same time and place.
  • They will disappear at a given time.
  • The process will be repeated.
  • They may seem to disappear through walls, closed doors or people.

What are spirits? (also know as entities, apparitions)

This is where someone has died, and they may not have moved on to the other side(to the light, the spirit world, heaven, etc.). There are a variety of reasons why they may not have moved on, which can be found here

Spirits normally:

  • Can appear at any time
  • May cause harm, willing or unwillingly
  • Normally they can not be seen, but may you feel “something” is there
  • They may not know they have died and linger around a particular place e.g a building, a room in a house
Appear at the same time and placeYesNo
Can be harmfulNoYes
Can be seenYesNot Normally
Can be RemovedNoYes
Presence can be felt physical (smell, touch, taste)NoYes
Have a sense of timeNoNo
Can be heardYesYes