Grounding and centering is required to enable your life to be in balance, both mentally and physically.
and are important if you wish to do any psychic or mediumship development to ensure that the information you are receiving is delivered in a calm, compassionate, coherent, and positive manner.

Being grounded and centered are two separate things and a person can be grounded and not centered and vice versa.
In order to look at the differences more closely, below is a table that looks at these differences and to help to understand them.

What Does Grounding and Centering Mean

This is being connected to the earth and being solid and present. You are completely aware and conscious during the present moment.
People find you easy to be with and feel safe in your company, and trust us you are very much in the physical world.
You also inhabit your physical being and are comfortable with this.

This is being in the here and now and in the moment. All of your energies are gathered together into one place and you are focused, connected, and have clarity. You are mentally and emotionally present and can focus and concentrate on what is at hand.
Being centered means that you have a reference point or a place to come back to when life’s challenges and emotions push you off balance

Connected with earth energy
Colour red
Survival is easy
Owning your body
Having a presence
Anchored firmly
Being physically present in the world
Being aware of body space / spatial awareness
Being in the now / present moment
Inner Stillness
Connection to oneself
Managing emotions
Know who you are
Physical level – inhabiting the physical bodyPsychological level – being mentally and emotionally present
Desirable but not necessary elements
Spiritually present
Emotionally and spiritually whole and integrated
Heart and mind centered – desirable
but not necessary
Effects Of Not Being GroundedEffects Of Not Being Centred
Ego out of balance
Attention wonders

Benefits Of Being Grounded and Centered

Benefits – when we are grounded and centered we start to be in rhythm with our lives and it flows easier – synchronicity starts to occur.
We are more focused, calmer, harmonious, and find situations within our life easier to deal with.
People around us feel safer when they are with us. You can keep your attention on the person you are with or the task at hand. You have clarity, a sense of purpose, and are psychologically at ease with yourself and your physical being.

When people are not centered they can be very “scattered”, find it hard to complete tasks, and do not give us their undivided attention.

People can be centered and ungrounded which means they can have excellent focus and concentration but will not appear very solid or safe and can appear a bit fragile, invisible, ethereal, or ‘otherworldly’.

If people are grounded but not centered they can appear solid and dependable but scattered, with poor focus and concentration in completing tasks. They will not appear to be living in the moment but moving between past, present, and the future, and can appear chaotic.

Many of us vary in percentages between the two so we could be 30% grounded and 75% centered. These two figures are independent of each other and do not add to 100%. Ideally, you would be 100% grounded and centered.
Those of us attracted to spiritual and psychic work can often struggle with grounding but it is vital with the work that we do and is the best form of protection that we have.

Grounding and centering are key to being able to be in rhythm with your life so it flows smoothly and one thing leads onto another without it for example turning into chaos or overwhelming you.

Amanda Roberts-
Diana Raab Ph.D -