As a professional psychic medium, I have learned many things when reading for people, either on a one-to-one basis or on a platform (stage). What I have learned has helped me to improve the clarity of the information I receive and give during my psychic medium readings. These include:

1.    Many Methods Of Communication
There are many styles with which one can communicate with the spirit world.
For example, Clairvoyantly (seeing), Clairsentiently (feeling), Clairaudiently (hearing), Claircognizantly (clear-knowingness), etc.
A Psychic Medium can use one or all of these.

2.    The First Thing That Comes Into Your Head – Trust It!
Spirit speaks through thought, so having cleared my mind of my thoughts, I trust the first thing that comes into my head, and then the information flows because I have learned to trust what I feel, hear, and see.

3. Create and Practice Daily A Spiritual Ritual
This includes meditation, opening up the chakras, and connecting with my guides to ensure good and accurate communication with the spirit world.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice.
Being a Psychic Medium is an evolving process. The more I work, the more I develop my skills. Our spiritual growth accelerates as we practice, study, and do ongoing training.

5. Always Prove Life After Death
Give accurate evidence of the dead loved one in the spirit world: personal traits, attitudes, physical characteristics, words or family names, names, age of passing, how they passed, and relevant dates such as when they passed and birthdays.

6. Meditation Is A Must For Any Psychic Medium!
Whether it’s a guided meditation or totally clearing your mind and letting any thoughts pass through. There is no maximum or minimum time; whatever feels right – but it needs to be done!

7. It Does Not Always Work
Like all things, there will be some good and some bad days. Communication with the spirit world may be difficult for a variety of reasons.  It is much better under these circumstances to respect yourself and whatever is going on in your life and rearrange the appointment. In my experience, people have always appreciated my honesty, and we both benefit from productive reading!

8. The Audience May Not Be Helpful
People come to a psychic medium for readings or demonstrations for various reasons. So, in public, when all eyes in the hall or congregation are on them, it may be too painful for them to recall the details of the loved one easily – those details have been safely submerged to cope with the loss; they may feel deeply embarrassed, highly stressed that the spotlight is on them and may not have recourse to their full memory; they may feel apprehensive for religious reasons and generally nervous about being in that situation; or, sometimes the message is for a person near them and not for them at all!
You may also be being tested as this connection we can have can seem too good to be true for some.

9. Beware Of A Swollen Ego
We all have egos, but the psychic medium’s accuracy deflates as the ego swells. This means it’s essential to self-monitor, keep integrity, and protect yourself from any medium with an overblown ego.

10. Why Do People Come To Psychic Mediums?
They come to mediums for answers, life direction, or clarification of personal issues. Often, psychic mediums are the last resort.

11. It’s Not About Making Money
Psychic mediumship is not about making money. It’s about helping people and giving them the answers they seek.

12. Be Careful What You Say
Some people will take account of every specific word the medium expresses. So be accurate and sensitive, and appropriate.

13. Getting Constantly Being Asked For Readings
It’s great to be in demand, but in the right circumstances when the messages from spirit can be truly respected and appreciated. Giving someone a reading can be an emotive affair and people can belittle information to hide their embarrassment. By respecting Spirit, you will respect yourself.

14. Messages Have To Be Empathetic
Always give messages from one’s heart and endeavor to leave the recipient feeling uplifted. As we all have free will, I do not give messages of death & misfortune. Everyone has the free will to change their destiny.

15. Some People Do Get Scared
Some People arrive scared. Not everyone is comfortable with communication from the spirit world and can be afraid of it. Most of us have come from religious backgrounds or seen media shows (TV, films, etc.) that have demonized and vilified connection with the spirit world.  Always reassure the recipients that you have their best interests at heart, that they are safe and protected by your vigorous spiritual practice and your precise and loving intention to connect ‘only’ with a loved one.