Once attuned by a Reiki Master, Reiki is like a form of first aid in your hands that will never leave you.  Energy will flow through your hands whenever you touch with intent.  Following a series of attunements
Reiki 1 will enable you to treat:
Others (adults and children)
Animals, plants and trees
Food and water
Reiki can safely be used in combination with medical advice and treatment as well as other complementary therapies.

Reiki 1 Training Is Run Over 2 days, Starting from 9 am to 3 PM

Reiki 1 Course Outline

The Reiki 1 course is a two-day course that covers the following:


·         What Reiki is

·         The uses and benefits of Reiki

·         The Reiki Principles

·         The History of Reiki

·         Introduction to Chakras

·         Chakra meditation

·         A grounding meditation

·         Feeling energy

·         Four Reiki Attunements

·         Hand Positions for self treatment

·         Hand Positions for treatment of others

·         How to conduct a Reiki session

·         Practical exercises of giving and receiving Reiki

·         Questions and Answers

In First Degree training you will receive four attunements.  These attunements are focused mainly on opening up the physical body so that it can then accept energy.

During Reiki 1 training, you learn how to feel energy and many practical exercises are used throughout the course.

You are also taught the general principles of Reiki and become familiarised with its history and roots.  On a practical level, you will also be taught how to give a treatment, firstly to yourself and secondly to other people.  This part of the course assists the integration of the energy and gives you the tools to become a Reiki Practitioner.

Following the attunement is a 21 day period called the cleansing period.  During this time, you are encouraged to give yourself a treatment every day and many students find themselves undergoing positive personal changes and spiritual growth which can be a very powerful and very rewarding time.

During this cleansing period I would recommend that you avoid alcohol, caffeine, red meat and any other stimulants.   However, we are all human and if you do not manage to do this 100% I would like to reassure you that you will still be attuned to the energies!  The cleanse is a special time where the energies work through each of the chakras in turn every seven days, and these suggestions of avoidance are so that you get the most out of the experience with full awareness.  Ideally it would be good if you can start to cut down/cut out these things a week before you have your attunement.

On completion of the course, you will receive an illustrated Reiki Manual, the First Degree Reiki Certificate as well as on-going support and advice.

Reiki 1, a two-day course costs £175