Native American Spirit GuideWe all have Spirit Guides that help us with our daily lives.
Spirit guides are believed to be non-physical entities that guide and support individuals throughout their lives. These entities can take many forms, including angels, ascended masters, ancestors, animal spirits, and even human guides who have passed on from this world.
They guide us to overcome obstacles we may have, or they want to advise us on some issues we have asked them about.  Your Spirit guides may want to get to know you, or you want to get to know them.

Facts on Spirit Guides include:

1. Spirit Guides Cannot Be Your Family Or Friends

They are not your family members or friends. If you know your family members, such as an aunt, parent, or grandmother, who have passed away, then they will not be one of your guides. Your relatives and friends in the spirit world can be part of your “soul or spirit” family and provide you with limited guidance and protection as that is left up to your Spirit Guides.

2. Making Your Own Mind Up

They are here to “guide” you on your journey, however, whatever decisions you take are based on your free will, and you have the option to follow the advice given by your Spirit Guides.

3. Lived Before

Spirit Guides lived before you were born and have experienced life for themselves. They will have mastered many lessons and acquired unique skills that they will be used to help you. For example, if you are a writer, who gets writer’s block, then one of your guides (who may have been a writer) will assist you in overcoming this block.

4. Different Forms Of Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides do not have to have human form – they can be from other dimensions. Just because other people have “human” guides, some can have a mixture of guides from other planets or dimensions as well as human Spirit Guides.

5. Many Guides

You will have more than one guide in your “team,” but usually, only one specific guide will assist you with a particular task.  For example, if you are a healer; then you will have a healing guide; for psychic work, you will have a psychic guide who will help with your psychic readings.
My healing guide is a Japanese monk called Master J – he always makes himself appear when I am giving spiritual (Reiki) healing.  I also have a trance guide called Master Chen, who aids me when I am giving trance readings.

6. Main Gatekeeper

You will always have a main guide (also known as “the gatekeeper” or “head guide”). My main guide is called Armand who is a North American India chief (part of the Sioux). The role of the gatekeeper is to:
-Keep the other guides in check, and to make sure they are called upon when needed.
-Help filter out messages that may not be relevant, especially if you are a psychic medium who carries out readings and wants to make sure that only certain number of people come through from the spirit world.
-Spirit Guides also allow the communication with other people’s Spirit Guides.

7. Free Will To Make Your Own Mind Up

Your guides will not control you or force you to do tasks that you may be unhappy with or go against your beliefs. They cannot harm you in any way and are here to protect you. If you do not want their guidance, this is not a problem; they do not get upset sulk or leave you. As mentioned before, you have your free will to make your own decisions.

8. Lifetime Partnership

Your Spirit Guides will stay with you for the duration of your lifetime.  New guides, however, can also come into your life; they are brought in to help you with a particular situation.  Some of your guides may only be used a few times throughout your lifetime, depending on when they are needed.  You can connect with your guides anywhere, which can be achieved by just talking to them as you would talk to your friends or family, you do not need a particular place or time.

9.  Naming Your Guides

You do not need to know the name of your Spirit Guides, they do not mind, but if you want to give them a name, then you can.

10. No Shortcuts To Life

Your guides cannot do everything for you. They cannot make you win the lottery and magically make money appear in your bank account. Guides are here to guide and impart their wisdom. They are not here to give you shortcuts!

11. Other Types Of Guides

As well as having guides that stay with you for your entire life- there are also other guides that are are not exclusive to you but can go to other people; these are Ascended Masters. They come to you should you need their help, but once they have helped you, they will also help others.
Ascended Masters are healers, teachers, prophets who like Spirit Guides have lived before. Ascended Masters come from many types of cultures and religions including ancient and modern times. Examples of Ascended Masters include Jesus, Buddha, saints, goddesses, gods, devas, and deities.

12. Methods Of Communication

Spirit guides communicate with you in a variety of ways by sending impressions and information via energy. We are all composed of energy so too are spirits and Spirit guides. This energy from Spirit guides comes into your consciousness (see point 10) in the form of thoughts, sounds, visions, and feelings, which in a non-physical level referred to “clairs.”
There are four main clairs,  which are:
Clairvoyance- being able to see in the mind’s eye.
Clairsentience- being able to feel sensations through your body and nervous system.
Clairaudience- being able to hear sounds.
Claircognizance- being able to know something, without seeing, feeling or hearing.

13. Your Highest Level Of Intuition

Guides make their connection by tuning into your consciousness, which is the highest level of intuition you can have. It is the key to your door of guidance. Once the guides have made this connection, they will impart their advice, which you may wish to use, or not.

14. Talking To Your Spirit Guides

You can connect to you guides, by simply talking to them, as you would a friend or family member. You can speak to them at any time during the day; there is no set time or place. Your guides will always talk to you when you want them to.

15. Signs Your Spirit Guides Are With You

You can ask your guides to show signs they are with you. For example, if you are looking for a particular solution to a problem, then your guides will show you the solution such as a song that is played on the radio, which may be repeated when you go to change other channels. It is important that you keep an open mind and watch out for any patterns that appear.