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Your Free Numerology Report- What It Gives You!


The Motivation (aka Soul’s Urge, Heart’s Desire) number describes the motive behind the decisions you make and the way you act. It is what makes you tick. It is calculated by adding up the vowels in your name.

Inner Self

The Inner Self (aka Personality, Appearance) number reveals what your secret dreams are made of, how the inner person within you pictures yourself (sometimes without even realizing it). It is also quite often the first impression other people obtain of you before they actually get to know you. It is calculated by adding up the consonants in your name.


The Expression (aka Name or Destiny) number describes how you interact with other people. It tells how you best express yourself in life and where your talents lie. It is calculated by adding up all the letters in your name.

Karmic Lessons

The karmic lessons describe the things you are supposed to learn in this life. It is calculated by building up a list of the numbers for each letter that do not occur in your name.

Hidden Tendencies

The hidden tendencies describe desires to which you have been exposed to in the past. Because of their overemphasis in your chart, they must be watched so that you do not go overboard with them. It is calculated by noting all the numbers for the letters in your name that occur 4 or more times.

Subconscious Response

The subconscious response number tells how you instinctively and automatically react when faced with an emergency situation. It is calculated by subtracting the number of karmic lessons from 9.


Your Destiny (or Life Path, Birth Path) number is one of the most important numbers in your chart — it is the ruling force that describes what you must do in order to operate harmoniously with your environment and get the most out of your life. It is calculated by adding your birth month, day, and year.

Life Cycles

The life cycles represent the circumstances and conditions you will be exposed to at certain times during your life. Just as your birth date is divided into three numbers (month, day, year), so too is your life divided into three major cycles.

Turning Points

There are four Turning Points (or Pinnacles). They represent events that may occur during the life cycle they coincide with. However, these events may only be taken advantage of while the particular turning point is in force. The turning points also indicate what your attitude to life will be at any given time.


The challenges are weaknesses to which you are prone. They are stumbling blocks that stand in your way. There are two minor challenges and one major one. These are the areas where you have trouble centering yourself—where you tend to go to extremes.

Personal Year

Our lives operate on nine-year cycles, which keep repeating themselves. Each of these years, from 1 to 9, has its own vibration, which cannot be avoided. Each year has its own set of influences, opportunities, and obstacles. By knowing what to expect in advance, you can prepare yourself to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. It is calculated by adding your birth month and day and the current year.
Astrological Influence

The astrological influences run in a cycle of twelve. Unlike the personal year, which is different for each person, the astrological influences are the same for all people of the same age. They spell out specific happenings and describe what your personal year will revolve around.

Personal Month

You personal month number predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar month ahead. It will change every month, and you can feel its influence upon you for about a week prior to and after the last day of the month. It is calculated by adding the personal year and the current month.

Personal Day

Your personal day number describes the trends and influences that are affecting you personally that day. It is calculated by adding the personal year and the current month and day.