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mediumship readings, I am the the channel between the physical world and the spirit world. My aim to provide you with evidence and proof of the afterlife.As a medium, I am the channel between the physical and spirit worlds. I aim to provide you with evidence and proof of the afterlife.

My mediumship readings always try and prove life after death by giving names, dates, and something personal only you would know.
Depending on your requirements, this can be used with my tarot card readings or on its own.

No same-day bookings; please allow 48 hours and wait for your booking confirmation.

Please complete the form below to book your reading before paying to confirm availability.

All readings are £50, last up to 40 minutes (unless otherwise stated), and are done using Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp/Skype.

See my guide on “How to Choose the Right Psychic Medium for Your Reading”


2 How do I know what kind of psychic medium I need?2023-03-16T15:34:00+00:00

Think about your goals and expectations for a reading. Are you looking for guidance on specific life issues, trying to connect with a deceased loved one, or exploring your spiritual growth? By knowing your needs, you can find a psychic medium whose specialties align with your goals.

1 What is a psychic medium?2023-03-20T17:09:05+00:00

A psychic medium is a person who claims to have the ability to communicate with spirits, including those of deceased loved ones. They can provide messages from the spirit world, offer insights into your life or future, and guide you on your spiritual journey.

3 How can I find a reputable psychic medium?2023-03-16T15:36:04+00:00

Ask friends or family for recommendations, search for reviews and testimonials online, or explore local psychic medium directories and spiritual events. Consider the psychic medium’s experience, reputation, and areas of expertise when deciding.

4 How much does a psychic medium reading cost?2023-03-16T15:36:49+00:00

The cost of a psychic medium reading can vary depending on factors like the psychic’s experience, location, and session length. Finding a psychic medium that offers reasonable rates for their services is essential.

5 What should I expect during a psychic medium reading?2023-03-16T15:37:34+00:00

During a psychic medium reading, the psychic will connect with the spirit world and share messages, insights, or guidance with you. Be open-minded and receptive to the information provided, and remember that some messages may not make immediate sense but could become more apparent over time.

6 How can I tell if a psychic medium is genuine?2023-03-16T15:38:16+00:00

Trust your intuition when choosing a psychic medium. Look for someone with a good reputation, experience, and a genuine connection to the spirit world. A consultation can help you gauge their authenticity and determine whether they fit your spiritual journey.

7 What should I do after a psychic medium reading?2023-03-16T15:38:50+00:00

Reflect on the experience and evaluate the messages and insights provided. Consider whether the reading was helpful, accurate, and relevant to your life. If it resonates with you, you might want to schedule future sessions with the same psychic medium. If not, consider trying a different psychic medium or other forms of spiritual guidance.

8 How can I make the most of a psychic medium reading?2023-03-16T15:40:26+00:00

Be open-minded, receptive, and practice discernment when evaluating the information provided during a reading. Remember that personal growth and self-discovery are essential components of your spiritual journey. Use the insights from the reading as a starting point for further exploration and reflection.

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