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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Cards Readings By Paresh Psychic MediumTarot Card Reading
Tarot is a time-honored tradition of interpreting a pattern of cards randomly drawn from the deck’s 78 traditional images to gain insight and obtain greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes.
Tarot is over 500 years old, with roots that go back to Pagan times, making it a Western repository of ancient wisdom.

Interestingly, modern playing cards are a subset of Tarot’s 78 cards. The history of Tarot symbols is a study in the Western Mystery Tradition.
Legend would have it that Tarot came out of China, India, or Egypt. However, modern tarot scholars date Tarot back to 14th-century Italy and France.

The Tarot cards have much to tell you.
The Tarot pack is a set of cards that may be used for divination or as an intelligent machine for answering almost any question through a medium or someone familiar with its powerful symbolism.

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No same-day bookings; please allow 48 hours and wait for your booking confirmation.

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Are tarot card readings accurate?2023-03-15T10:45:23+00:00

The accuracy of a tarot card reading depends on the reader’s skills and your openness during the session. An experienced reader can provide valuable guidance, but it’s essential to approach the reading honestly and be willing to listen to the advice given.

Can I ask about relationships?2023-03-15T11:00:12+00:00

Yes- If you’re seeking guidance on a relationship, you might ask questions such as “What can I do to improve my relationship?” or “What qualities should I look for in a partner?”

Can tarot readings be done online or over the phone?2023-03-15T10:52:42+00:00

Yes, tarot readings can be conducted online or over the phone, as the connection between the reader and client is more about energy and intention than physical proximity. I offer their services through video calls, and phone calls.

Can tarot readings help with decision-making?2023-03-15T10:50:44+00:00

Tarot readings can provide insight and guidance to help you make informed decisions. However, the ultimate responsibility for any choices made lies with you, and it’s essential to use the guidance from a tarot reading as one of many tools to help inform your decisions.

Is there any ethical code for tarot card readers?2023-03-15T10:50:11+00:00

Many tarot card readers adhere to a code of ethics that emphasizes respect, confidentiality, and non-judgmental guidance. Reputable readers will not exploit clients, provide false information, or claim to predict the future with certainty.

How often should I get a tarot card reading?2023-03-15T10:49:40+00:00

The frequency of tarot card readings is a personal choice and can vary depending on your needs and preferences. Some people may seek guidance during significant life changes or periods of uncertainty, while others may prefer regular readings for ongoing personal growth and development. From my experience, I would recommend 9-12 months

How do I choose a tarot reader?2023-03-15T10:48:36+00:00

When choosing a tarot reader, consider their experience, reputation, and any reviews or recommendations from previous clients. You may also want to explore different tarot reading styles and choose a reader whose approach resonates with you.

Can anyone perform a tarot card reading?2023-03-15T10:47:09+00:00

While anyone can learn to read tarot cards, it takes time, practice, and dedication to master the art. An experienced and skilled tarot reader can provide more accurate and insightful readings compared to a novice.

How should I prepare for my tarot card reading?2023-03-15T10:46:30+00:00

Before your reading, reflect on the questions you want to ask and any concerns you may have. This will help you focus your intentions and make the most of the guidance provided during the session

When can I book my reading?2023-03-15T11:06:49+00:00

No same-day bookings; please allow 48 hours and wait for your booking confirmation. Please complete the form below to book your reading before paying to confirm availability. All readings are done using Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp/Skype.

Can a tarot card reading predict the future?2023-03-15T10:44:41+00:00

Tarot card readings provide guidance and insight but cannot predict the future with certainty. They can offer advice to help you make informed decisions, but the ultimate outcome depends on your actions and choices.

How can I make the most of my tarot card reading?2023-03-15T10:44:09+00:00

To make the most of your tarot card reading, be honest, focus on your questions, take notes, listen to your intuition, keep an open mind, don’t expect a miracle, and trust the process. This will help you gain valuable insight and guidance from the reading.

What should I not expect during a tarot card reading?2023-03-15T11:01:11+00:00

A tarot card reading is not a magical solution to your problems, nor can it predict the future or provide specific answers. It is also not a substitute for professional advice or medical treatment.

What should I expect during a tarot card reading?2023-03-15T10:42:49+00:00

During a tarot card reading, the reader will ask you about your intentions, have you shuffle the cards, and draw a certain number of cards from the deck. They will arrange the cards in a spread and interpret the cards to provide guidance and advice based on each card’s unique meaning.

What is a tarot card reading?2023-03-15T10:42:18+00:00

A tarot card reading is a practice where a reader uses a deck of 78 cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future. The cards are drawn in a specific order and arranged in a pattern called a spread, which the reader interprets to provide guidance and advice.

What questions to ask in a tarot reading?2023-03-15T11:00:24+00:00

You can ask tarot any vital question, but focusing on specific areas such as love, career, or personal growth is helpful. Avoid asking yes or no questions and instead ask open-ended questions that allow for more profound insight.

What happens when you read tarot cards?2023-03-15T11:00:42+00:00

When you read tarot cards, you are tapping into your intuition and using the images and symbolism of the cards to gain insight and guidance on a particular question or situation.

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